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Need FDOT TTC Certificate Recertification? In this post we go over the process of getting your FDOT TTC Refresher Certificate and the FDOT TTC Advanced Refresher Certification.

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Don’t Wait

Be sure to avoid sitting through 2 day FDOT TTC Intermediate or FDOT TTC Advanced Certification course. Don’t wait for your current certificate to expire as it will be to late. Therefore, be sure to register for the required training at minimum one month before your certificate expiration date.

If you took the original training with myTTConline. We’ll send you a reminder email 6 months before the certificate expiration. In addition, the TTC Administrator, will email you 90 days before your certificate expires.

FDOT TTC Certification vs FDOT TTC Refresher Certification

Refresher training is held over 1day or 8hrs versus FDOT TTC Intermediate and Advanced trainings, which take place over 2 days.

There is an exam for both the FDOT TTC Intermediate Refresher and the FDOT TTC Advanced Refresher Training like Like the regular TTC Intermediate and Advanced training. Your exam will be at the end of the training.

How To Prepare

First, you’ll need to find a State Approved Provider, like myTTConline and register prior to your certificate expiration date. There really is not much to prepare for taking the TTC Refresher training. Albeit, there’s important details you need to know so can take the training.

lets review these details as these are vital for your success and avoiding retaking the regular training over 2 days.

Per the FDOT TTC Administrator

  1. First, your certificate MUST be current and not expired
  2. Secondly, you’ll need to show your certificate prior to taking training
  3. You will not be able to sit for the refresher exam if you don’t hold a current certificate

To get a copy and print out your certificate you can login to the FDOT TTC Administrator website. We have detailed instructions on our website under Exam Results, click here

How to Get TTC Refresher Certification

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Review the 4 steps to get your TTC Refresher Certification.

  1. Find A State Approved FDOT TTC Provider

    myTTConline is a State Approved Provider but more can be found on the TTC Admin website

  2. View the Providers Training Schedule & Register

    Click here, to view our upcoming TTC Intermediate training schedule and register before your certificate expiration date.

  3. Take the FDOT TTC Recertification Training and Exam

    The Exam is held at the end of training in the afternoon and you can take up to 2 hrs to complete.

  4. Get your Certificate Online

    You will be notified via email your score and login credentials. If it is 70% or higher you will be able to download your certificate from the TTC Admin website. Click here for more details


In conclusion, getting recertified for a TTC Intermediate and Advanced certificate is not a difficult task. The biggest hurdle is letting your current certificate expire taking you out of the option for the taking the TTC Refresher course.

If your current TTC Intermediate or Advanced certificate expires in the next month. Don’t delay and be sure to register for a TTC Refresher course today.

myTTConline holds FDOT TTC Intermediate and FDOT TTC Advanced Refresher trainings monthly, providing you options.

Here are links to both Levels of FDOT TTC Refresher Courses

Florida MOT Ultimate Resource Guide

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Frequently Asked TTC Refresher Questions

How long is a refresher certificate good for?

All certificates are good for 4 years including TTC Refresher certificates

What do I need to take the FDOT TTC Refresher Training?

In order to sit in a FDOT TTC Refresher training you need a current (not expired) TTC Intermediate or Advanced Certificate.

If you have the FDOT TTC Intermediate Certificate you can take the FDOT TTC Intermediate Recertification course.

If you have the FDOT TTC Advanced Certificate you can take the FDOT TTC Advanced Recertification course.

What do I need to take the Virtual Live Training?

To participate in myTTConline’s virtual training you will need:
1 )An internet connect device, webcam, microphone(most webcams have this built in.
2) Copy of your current FDOT TTC Certificate
3) Drivers License or Government Picture ID (This is used to verify your identity before we start the training)

When do I get my exam results?

We submit your exam the day of the Exam to the FDOT TTC Administrator. Exams may take up to 2 weeks to process.

What score do I need to pass?

you must score a 70% or higher on your exam to qualify for your certificate.

How to I get my FDOT TTC certificate?

Once your exam is graded you will receive an email from the FDOT TTC Administrator with instruction on how to access your certificate to download and print. Click here for more details

What happens if I don’t pass with a 70% or higher

If by chance you don’t get a 70% or higher, you will need to retake the exam. The good news is if you took the course with us your protected by our One Pay Exam Guarantee, meaning you will not have to pay again to retake the refresher course. IMPORTANT!!! if your certificate expires prior to retaking the exam you will have to take the regular course again. if this happens we will credit you towards the fee for the regular course the full amount of the refresher cost you paid.

How long are the FDOT TTC Refresher Training Courses

Both the FDOT TTC Intermediate and FDOT TTC Advanced Course are 8hrs held in 1 day.

Can I take the FDOT TTC Refresher in Spanish

The FDOT does not permit providers of TTC training to offer the class in any language other than English. You may ask why? The answer is that the 600 series design standards, which are essentially the backbone of the entire MOT process are written in English and require a person who can fluently speak and read English.

Is there special accommodations for FDOT TTC training and exams?

No. Public Safety is at stake and any person responsible for Temporary Traffic Control must be able to comprehend course material and writing.

Can I get CEU/PDH Credit if I’m an engineer

Yes, myTTConline will provide you a separate certificate detailing credit for 8 hours.

Simply check that you need the certificate during registration process.

We will email your PDH Certificate after we have received a copy of your FDOT TTC Certificate from the FDOT TTC Administrator (Typically 2 weeks after your exam has been submitted)

Florida MOT Ultimate Resource Guide

FREE Download
The Ultimate TTC/MOT Resource Guide


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