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The FDOT Temporary Traffic Control Advanced Training is for personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements that need to be implemented. These positions include the following:

The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of the Temporary Traffic Control (TTC)  Plan.
The Worksite Traffic Supervisor in accordance with FDOT Standard Specifications, Section 102
Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions
Personnel responsible for inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions


Policy And Manuals
Fundamentals Principles
Temporary Traffic Control Devices
Temporary Traffic Control Zones
Set up and Removal of Traffic Control Zones
Concrete Barriers
Standard Plans
Practical Problem Solving
Flagging operations


Select appropriate Standard Plans Index 
Correctly place, maintain and remove temporary traffic control devices
Inspect placement and operational functions of traffic control devices
Instruct individuals in Flagger training administration 


Up to 20hrs of instruction and exam time over 2 days 8am-5pm
TTC Advanced Certification (A passing score of 70% or more is required)
TTC Advanced Certificate (full size and wallet card)
Your TTC Advanced Certificate is good for four (4) years (You must take a refresher before your certificate expiration date to extend certificate or you will need to retake the TTC Advanced training again.)
TTC Advanced Online Training (You attend virtually from home or office)
In-class live workshopping to help demonstrate materials covered
One Pay Exam Guarantee
Training Cliff Notes
CEU's for Professional Engineers
State Approved & Experienced Instructor


When trying to obtain a permit for any job near the road way the local, county, or state office will typically request to see your TTC training certificate and may even require a traffic control plan.

Additionally, inspectors and building officials may stop to inspect your jobs to ensure compliance. Non-compliant jobs could be shut down until the TTC issues are corrected. 

To help avoid this be sure to always have a set of FDOT Standard Plans with you. This will allow you to review them with the official and have them point out what they are looking for.

Always be sure to keep your TTC (MOT) certificate on hand with you. You have an option to print out a card version that can fit in your wallet.


Answering your common questions

What do I need to take this training?

To attend any FDOT TTC training the requirements are as follows:

•A computer or web enabled device with a camera and microphone

•Student must have a Valid State-issued Driver's License Number, Valid State-issued Identification Card Number or a valid Passport number prior to attending for class

•Student must present identification prior to sitting for exam Writing must be legible on Exam sheet (DL is used for identification purpose only, email is used to send student login instructions for exam results)

Intermediate Refresher, Advanced Refresher

•Student must have a Valid State-issued Driver's License Number, Valid State-issued Identification Card Number or a valid Passport number.

•A copy of current TTC training certificate or card that is not expired.

How long are certificates good for?

All certificates are good for 4 years, you must take the refresher course before the expiration date. If your card expires you will need to take the course again.

When do I get my certificate after passing a course?

•Exams may take up to 2 weeks to process after the provider has submitted them to the MOT Administrator (excluding weekend and holidays)

•Once exams are processed and grades posted, student will be notified by the Administrator via email

•Username to login is the student's TIN#, which is bubbled in on the TTC Exam

•Once grade is posted no changes can be made to the TIN# since the grade and certificate are linked to it

•If you do not provide an email you will not receive login instructions, contact the Administrator or use student guide

•If your email is not legible you will not receive login instructions, contact the Administrator

•It is the responsibility of the student to provide their employer with a copy of their certificate. Certificates are located in the student profile, you must login to print it. We do not email them or send them by mail.

What is your refund policy if I have to cancel a training?

•Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all courses. Attendee may cancel in writing or via email without penalty up to 7 working days prior to the course. 

•Canceling other than stated will incur a 50% of the fee unless attendee reschedules for a future training. 

•Our policy does not allow refunds for No shows, However you can reschedule 1 time for no additional cost.

What if I fail the exam?

on’t worry, you’ll pass but if by chance you miss too many questions, our Pay Once Exam Guarantee has you covered.

•Per the state you will have to take the class again but with my ttc training you will not have to pay for the additional training course. Just send us an email, call or use the chat in the bottom of your screen and we’ll get you set up.

Can I get this training in Spanish?

The FDOT does not permit providers of TTC training to offer the class in any language other than English. You may ask why? The answer is that the 600 series design standards, which are essentially the backbone of the entire MOT process are written in English and require a person who can fluently speak and read English.

Can I get hour credits for my continuing education requirements ?

In most cases CEU’s can be provided for most industries including Engineers . Please contact us to verify that we can supply you your credits if you are not an Engineer.

Can I take a refresher course if my certificate is expired?

•In most cases if your certificate is expired than you will NOT be able to take the refresher course.

•The MOT Administrator will have to verify with FDOT to make an exception

Form 009 allows a Provider, Student, or Student's Employer to request an extension to attend a future Refresher class due to valid reasons listed on the form. This is ONLY for Student's whose TTC Certificate will expire prior to the original registered class. All information will be verified before approval is given. If extension is approved Student may not do any TTC work related to his/her expired certificate until a valid MOT Certificate is issued.

•Form must be filled out and emailed to admin@motadmin.com. After information is verified, form will be sent to FDOT. If a letter of approval is issued student must present it with the TTC Wallet Card/Certificate.

Do I have to take the Intermediate to take the Advanced course?

•NO, you do not have to take the intermediate before taking the Advanced.

•There are currently no prerequisites for the Intermediate or Advanced courses.