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myTTConline vs ATSSA

All providers are given the same training materials from FDOT. However each provider can add benefits and features to their training. The table below, highlights some of the benefits when you take your training with  myTTConline. Compare the providers below.

Metro Florida Safety Council Comparison

As of 05/16/2022 - Information above was collected from Provider websites information not available on their website is marked with and N/A or “x”

Florida MOT Intermediate vs Advanced Certification

We've provided the chart below to help you determine which TTC Certification you require to perform your duties on Florida roadways. Please contact us with any questions using the chat button in the bottom right corner or call us at 407.901.0206

Florida MOT Intermediate vs Advanced

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Yes, you read that correctly. So why is myTTConline the only provider offering such a guarantee with Maintenance of traffic Ttraining? Our Instructors have been providing this training for years and they prepare for each training class they teach. instructors study the exam questions to ensure they cover what is needed preparing you for the exam.

We also feel that if you do not pass the exam we have failed you in providing the material in a way that you understand it. If by chance you sit for the exam and do not pass you have the opportunity to retake the course with us for no additional fee.

If you feel like we are just not a fit for your learning style and you did not pass, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on customer service and because of this it has made us one of the leading virtual training providers in the State of Florida


Life and work are never predictable and if something comes up and you are not able to attend the FDOT MOT training you registered for. Simple contact us and we will reschedule you to another training for NO Charge. You can reschedule as many times as needed. Please note that if you are rescheduling an FDOT MOT Refresher training you must still take a training before your certificate expires to stay in that training. If we cannot get you in a refresher training you can retake the regular training with us for no additional fee.


Many of the FDOT MOT Training Providers will only hold classes if the have enough registrants. We get calls often from clients that had this happen to them and now their in a pinch because they need their certificate to do their job. 

We understand how this certification can affect your employment and this is why we never cancel a scheduled class if we don’t have enough attendees. This is just not a good business practice and we don’t do it. Schedule your maintenance of traffic training with confidence!


All our FDOT MOT trainings come with your training materials printed and mailed to you free of charge. As soon as you register we will mail your FDOT MOT Standard Plans and other materials. 

Please note that if you register 5 days or less before your training you may not get your training materials in time. 

You also get all materials electronically as well so that you can print them out. 


With Virtual training there are definitely some differences than in-person and it’s not as easy for your instructor to come by and point you in the right direction. This is why we developed out Standard Plans Cliff Notes. 

These Cliff Notes are a condensed table of contents of the Standard Plan Indexes that your instructor will be focusing on during the training. This reduced table of contents help you follow along easier without flipping through 70+ pages of indexes.


Put your training notes to good use and be sure to use them during your exam. All materials reviewed and delivered to you can be used during the exam. 

As long as you take the notes that your instructor highlights through out the training you will be prepared for your exam!


With our state of the art training studio our instructors are able to present the same way they would as if you were sitting in front of them. 

Simply log in to your training via a link we email before training takes place from a desktop or laptop that has a webcam. 

You will be able to interact with your fellow classmates as well as interact in real time with your instructor. 

Your instructor will use a presentation screen next to them like a live class as well as use various physical props and whiteboard to convey the training material. You will NOT simply be looking at a PowerPoint for the entire training.


If you are a Professional Engineer, you will receive Professional Development Hour Credits for sitting in our trainings.

Simply select that you would like a PDH certificate when you register and we will email you a certificate for the corresponding hours when we receive a copy of your TTC Certificate from FDOT.


You will receive a PDF Certificate from FDOT upon passing your exam. The challenge with this certificate is that it is paper and don't last very long especially when you put in your wallet.

This is why we created the TTC Premium wallet card. It is made from durable plastic like you debit or credit card and is made to last even if you accidently wash it with your clothes.

You have the opportunity to add this to your shopping cart at checkout at a 49% discount.

Organizations That Trust myTTConline For Their Employee Florida MOT Training




5 out of 5 stars

JoAnna M., The Hog

"Easy to use, simple registration"

Rick A., Core Engineering & company

"TTConline was a great tool for learning traffic signage FDOT rules and best practices. Mike the instructor was very knowledgeable with the source material. I will send colleagues to attend this course and  will recommend TTConline to anyone in the industry."

Brian B., The Hog

"Very informative, Feel like I gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to work we are involved with on a daily basis.   Primary purpose was to help increase the safety awareness on our jobs."

Matt S., Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC

"Very informative, the instructor Mike was personable and any computer or streaming/feed issues were resolved immediately."

George G., Broadbase Safety Solutions LLC.

"Interactive, Clear informational slides, Answered my questions"

Alejandro C., GHD Services

"The Class was great, Mike was Amazing "

Ed H., SCA

" I was Skeptical at first, but once we got started I was impressed with the ease of taking this training and the Instructors Knowledge. Great Job!  ."

RJ H., Walsh Construction

" I signed up my entire team with myTTConline over the entire year, so now I don't have to worry about tracking them knowing that they will be notified when their training is ready to take as it is taken care of by myTTConline."

Jonathan G., Vortex Companies

" I signed up my Superintendents with myTTConline because of the convenience of not paying for hotel rooms and travel for my guys that are across the entire State.   "


Maintenance of Traffic Certification Consists of 3 levels of instruction including MOT Basic (Flagger), MOT Intermediate and MOT Advanced. myTTConline focusses on instruction of the MOT Intermediate, MOT Advanced and related MOT Refresher courses. All MOT Intermediate and MOT Advanced Certified personnel can train their own flaggers. 

If  your working in any of the following industries listed below and Design/create MOT plans or Work along side the road or redirecting traffic, the Florida Department of Transportation, Counties and Municipalities will require you to submit a traffic control plan. When you create the traffic control plan or execute the traffic control plan you will need to be certified in either the MOT Advanced or MT Intermediate.

Industries or jobs that may require certification include:

 Road and Bridge MOT Construction
Road Rangers
Civil Engineering
Underground Construction
MOT Traffic Control Setup
Road Resurfacing
Utilities (Power, Water, Sewer)
Building Construction
Street Cleaning
Pavement Marking/Removal
Mobile or Short term Operations
Law Enforcement


Follow these 3 simple steps to get your FDOT Certifications



Select the FDOT MOT level below to view available dates.



Select the training date that works best for you and register online.



Take training & Exam from the comfort of your home or office.

myTTConline is a FDOT State Approved MOT Provider #249

We are approved to train and certify attendees in the following courses

MOT Intermediate
MOT Intermediate Refresher
MOT Advanced
MOT Advanced Refresher
MOT Basic (Flagger)

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