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myTTConline FDOT TTC Training Review 2


Everyone Understood The Concepts

"I really liked how involved everyone was able to be during the training. The instructor did a great job of answering questions and making sure everyone understood the concepts before moving on, in the effort not to leave anyone behind."

Brian P.

Earth Trades inc.

Helped Me Understand Much More

"loved to see so many people from different backgrounds working on the same thing. It really helped me understand much more than what i thought i could take in from a two day class"

Patrick R.

Premier American Construction

Totally New Look

"I went into this class being new to the field and it gave me a totally new look at what it is i do on a daily basis"

Marquez H

South East Connections

Like a Classroom

"I was dreading this type of format, I am more of a classroom guy and this was my first virtual Class and test. 

 It was much better than I expected, more like a classroom than I thought it would be."

Timm M.


Timely and Interesting

"Provided adequate information in a timely and interesting manner"

David B.

Quigg Engineering Inc.

I Recommend It

"Excellent class with knowledgeable instructors.  I recommend it. "

Javier G.

Hard Rock Stadium

Made the Class Interesting

"great class.  Instructor was very clear and knowledgeable.  He took the time to answer any questions and made the class interesting"

Joseph P.

City of Panama City Beach

Taught exceptionally well

"Easy to understand and learn.  Very friendly instructors who taught exceptionally well.  Aided us in any technical difficulties we may have been experiencing.  Happy to return in 4 years for renewal"

Ryan D.

Comprehend and Retain

"The instructor made the class enjoyable and relatable. Allowing me to comprehend and retain the information provided."

Chris D.

Sam LLC.

Involved and learning

"was easier than i expected it to be, considering it was online and not in person. instructor was able to keep our attention and kept us involved and learning"

Dallas M.


Without A Hitch

"This was my first online course of this type. I had reservations about the course being online. The course went off without a hitch and I am pleased with the course."

Brian H.

Safety Maven LLC

Extremely helpful

"The resources provided were extremely helpful."

Adly R


Direct and Informative

"I found it to be direct and informative on the subject matter."

Jeremy B.

Exceptional Engineering, Inc.

Engaging Teacher

"I liked how engaging the teacher was with the class. Also he kept the class moving  so it wasn't to boring."

Cory H.

Colliers Engineering

Very Detailed

Very Informative. Trainer knows what he is talking "about. Full of knowledge."

John Paul T

SanPik Inc.

Completed With Ease

"I Like that this was online and able to be completed with ease."

John K.

Raven Communications Inc.

 I can use "immediately.

I learned some additional things that I can use "immediately."

Russ S.

City of Belleair Bluffs

Very Detailed

"Very detailed class. really pushed for class involvemet."

Andy A.

P&T Tractor and Lawn

Very Infomrative

"Very informative and I enjoyed the encouragement for class participation!"

Jorge M.


Very Knowledgeable

"Excellent training.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped teach the topics in a way to set you up for success."

Jessica M.

Landscape Service Professionals

Changed My Awareness

"This Class has changed my awareness of what goes into making a safe and effective work zone"

Dennis M.


Very Helpful in preparing me for the test

"Simple and informative. instructor was clearly very knowledgeable on the topic and was very helpful in preparing me for the test. Cut a lot of the fat from the Standards as well and focused on things that were most important. Felt confident in my answers and happy to have taken the course."



Will recommend myttconline to anyone in the industry

"myTTConline was a great tool for learning traffic signage FDOT rules and best practices. Mike the instructor was very knowledgeable with the source material. I would send colleagues to attend this course and  will recommend myTTConline to anyone in the industry."


CORE Engineering & Construction Inc.

Loved that it was virtual

"Instructor was knowledgeable of the material and presented it in a manner that suited my learning skills!!

loved that it was virtual"


Consolidate Communications

Frenanda Reh


Thomas Winkle

QGS Development

Michael Murphy

P&T Lawn & Tractor


Archer Western

Certification done right

"Straight forward, informative, and useful instruction. Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and I could tell he is passionate about safety which is inspiring. Practical and to the point. Certification done right."

Trent Faris

Volkert Inc.

Feel like I gained a lot of Knowledge

"Very informative, Feel like I gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to work we are involved with on a daily basis.   Primary purpose was to help increase the safety awareness on our jobs."


The Hog

Loved that it was virtual

"Very well presented class, Instructor was very good and new the material, "

Rob Singleton




Jeff Hughes

QGS Development

Devon D.

Kenny R

Very clear and easy to understand. Great Job

John Vick

City of Ormand Beach

Very easy to work with

William Mooney

Sam Inc.

Training was easy to understand

"The training was easy to understand and testing tips were very helpful. Also, they were very accommodating to my schedule which was greatly appreciated."

Jessica M.

Landscape Service Professionals, Inc.

I Liked the convenience

"I Liked the convenience of taking the course from your home. The material provided was easy to understand."

Camilo Carulla

Pinnacle Consulting Enterprises, Inc.

Instructor made the training enjoyable

"I wish I had taken this class sooner. The instructor made the training enjoyable and they were very accommodating with the students."

Sara L.


I was able to get through it with some help

"I am a classroom person so these types of training methods don't appeal to me but I was able to get thru it with some help."

Dan Corbin

City of Ormand Beach

I gained a lot of knowledge

"I gained a lot of knowledge on how to be safe and setup a safe work area."

William Wright

Sam Inc.

Interactive, clear slides

"Interactive, Clear informational slides That made it easy to follow along and understand the training"

George G.

Broadbase Safety Soluttions, LLC

Very informative class

Matthew Meek

QGS Development

Very good class

Charles Southerland

Volkert Inc.

Jordan H.

Richard Cumble



Very informative

"Very informative, the instructor was personable and any computer or streaming/feed issues were resolved immediately"


Advanced Environmental technologies, LLC

Training was pretty straight forward

"Training was pretty straightforward. Information given was concise and easily understandable."

Stacy Drake


information came across very easy

"The information came across very easy and with pictures and direction I was able to uderstand it all"

Fabian Aragon

QGS Development




Brian B.

It was well planned, well instructed and enjoyable.


Collier County

Lots of information in a timely manner

Stephen Watson

Brothers Construction

Prepared and knowledgeable instructors and very helpful staff.



Made it easy to understan

Robert Zielinski

P & T Lawn and Tractor Supply

Mike our instructor knows his $%*T


Jamie Underground

Very Detailed

Chad B.

QGS Development

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myTTConline FDOT TTC Training Review 2


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