The Ultimate TTC (MOT)
Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Guide With Links To Commonly Used TTC Publications, Training Resources and Videos.

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FDOT MOT Virtual Live Training

If your spending time surfing the web trying to find the right TTC information, look no further.

As we created this resource guide to help get to where you need to be.

This 10 plus page resources guide is filled with the most popular links, training information and worksheets that we frequently get calls on.

Here are a few examples of the what you will find inside.

The TTC Administrator Contact information and most common links
FDOT Standard Plans (Current and previous editions)
 NEW FDOT Standard Plans Quick Reference Sheet
TTC Basic (Flagger) Training materials
Links to the FDOT Approved Products Links
Links to the FDOT Basis of Estimates
Lane Closure Analysis & Excel Work Sheet
Traffic Pacing Excel Worksheet
Bicycle and Pedestrian Temporary Traffic Control
Manual of Uniform and Traffic Control (MUTCD)
FDOT Design Manual
Standard Plans Specifications
Plus many other useful TTC resources...

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I'm so happy I found this guide. It has saved me a lot of time. Thank you for taking the time to put this resource together.

Susan Davis

MyTTConline is always providing helpful information when we need it. It's nice to have the Flagger training links so I know I'm providing the training my flaggers need.

George Lee

With the constant updates to the Standard plans I no longer have to "google" it to find what I need. I just click on the Standard plan link and it takes me to them every time.

Paul Edwards

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