FDOT TTC Training Providers – What to Look For!

Choosing the right FDOT TTC Training Provider is Important to your success. Even though the MOT Administrator authorizes all FDOT providers, not all are created equal. Just like in your industry, there are those that go above and beyond and those that do the minimum. While FDOT creates the TTC training materials, not all FDOT TTC Providers execute them at the same level.

It is important the FDOT TTC Training Providers instructors don’t simply read the supplied PowerPoints putting you to sleep. This wastes your time and money and can have a direct impact your exam results.

It is important that when choosing the right FDOT TTC Training Providers, you know HOW the material is going to be presented. Most importantly, will you get what you need from it to take the exam.

In this post we review what to look for when selecting a provider from all FDOT TTC Training Providers available.. You want an Instructor that has experience and can make the instruction of the material personalized and entertaining. This ensures you get the most out of the material and prepared for the exam. Most importantly, are you going to have the opportunity to learn knowledge that will keep you and your team safe.

What To Look For In A FDOT MOT Provider

Training Provider Benefit Comparison Chart

FDOT TTC Training Providers Approval

While I’m not aware of anyone teaching FDOT TTC Training without State approval, you should verify the providers credentials. FDOT Providers must renew their credentials every 2 years with the MOT Administrator. Taking an exam with a Provider that has an expired certificate, could cost you money and you may need to take the entire course again. You can verify all approved FDOT Providers by going to the MOT Admin website, click here.

Also note that many FDOT Providers are not authorized to complete virtual training. So be sure to verify to avoid any difficulties.

You can see by clicking here that myTTConline is an approved FDOT Provider for both in-person and virtual training.

FDOT TTC Training Providers Instructors

In order to be a FDOT TTC instructor, FDOT must actually review the instructor credentials and approve them before they can start teaching. Here are a list of the qualifications to become a FDOT TTC instructor.

  • Must be certified themselves in the level they are instructing

TTC Advanced

TTC Intermediate

Not only does myTTConline’s instructors meet these requirements they individually have over 25years experience with safety at a management and consulting level. They know how to train and convey the information in a meaningful way.


Are the FDOT TTC Training Providers making it convenient for you to take the training and exam. This is a big deal to us at myTTConline and that is why we focus on Virtual Live training. With this option you can train and take the exam form the comfort of your own home or office. There is no need to sit in traffic and then try to find a parking space.

We’ve had a bunch of good feedback from many Safety directors comment on this. They like that they can have multiple Superintendents across the state and they don’t have to pull them out of the field to have them travel and in some cases get a hotel to take the training. This alone, can cost more than the training itself.

You can read more about the 7 big benefits of Virtual Training by clicking here.

FDOT TTC Training Providers Training Options

While myTTConline focuses on virtual training for our open enrollment courses. myTTConline also offers Private Group Training for organizations of any size. With our Private Group training you have the option to have your team trained virtually or in person. Our instructors will come to a location of your choosing to provide professional instruction.

You can learn more here about our Private Group Training by clicking here.

Training Environment

With COVID changing the world we’ve all had to adapt. This is not an excuse to provide low quality training. There are a handful of FDOT providers that offer virtual live training and we saw this as an opportunity to excel. Based on the feedback and testimonials we’ve received, we feel good about what we’ve produced. You can view real client testimonials here

We’ve heard of some providers simply sharing their screen, showing A PowerPoint as they read it, really. We knew we could do better and that is why we’ve invested thousands of dollars in our professional video studio. We have 3 cameras to show different angles, 4k 65′ presentation monitor and a complete switching station.

What this means to you is that we do our best to keep you entertained while your learning. When we need to focus on the power point you’ll see it, when your instructor is answering your questions, you’ll see them. When its time for an interactive table top workshop you have a birds eye view from our top camera.

We are really proud of what we’ve professionally put together and look forward to sharing it with you.

Benefits of Virtual MOT Training with myTTConline

Many companies have incorporated TTC Training into their business amongst their other offerings and it is not a focus on what they do. We wanted to take a different approach and that is we only provide FDOT TTC training, This is our sole focus. This has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing providers in Florida and the number 1 Virtual provider. Along with this focus it has allowed us to bring to market, value that no one else offers.

Below are are some of the exclusive benefits you only get with myTTConline:

Train From Your Home or Office

With our state of the art training studio our instructors are able to present the same way they would as if you were sitting in front of them. Simply log in to your training via a link we email before training takes place from a desktop or laptop that has a webcam.You will be able to interact with your fellow classmates as well as interact in real time with your instructor. Your instructor will use a presentation screen next to them like a live class as well as us various physical props and whiteboard to convey the training material. You will NOT simply be looking at a powerpoint for the entire training.

myTTConline Virtual Training Studio

100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that correctly. So why is myTTConline the only provider offering such a guarantee? Our Instructors have been providing this training for years and they prepare for each training class they teach. instructors study the exam questions to ensure they cover what is needed preparing you for the exam.

We also feel that if you do not pass the exam we have failed you in providing the material in a way that you understand it. If by chance you sit for the exam and do not pass you have the opportunity to retake the course with us for no additional fee.

If you feel like we are just not a fit for your learning style and you did not pass, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on customer service and because of this it has made us one of the leading virtual training providers in the State of Florida.

Free Rescheduling

Life and work are never predictable and if something comes up and you are not able to attend the MOT training you registered for simple contact us and we will reschedule you to another training. You can reschedule as many times as needed. Please note that if you are rescheduling an MOT Refresher training you must still take a training before your certificate expires to stay in that training. If we cannot get you in a refresher training you can retake the regular training with us for no additional fee.

Scheduled Classed are NEVER Canceled

Many of the FDOT TTC Training Providers will only hold classes if the have enough registrants. We get calls often from clients that had this happen to them and now their in a pinch because they need their certificate to work. We understand how this certification can affect your employment and this is why we never cancel a class because we don’t have enough attendees. This is just not a good business practice and so we don’t do it.

Standard Plans Cliff Notes

With Virtual training there are definitely some differences than in-person and it’s not as easy for your instructor to come by and point you in the right direction. This is why we developed out Standard Plans Cliff Notes. These are a condensed table of contents of the Standard Plan Indexes that your instructor will be focusing on during the training. This reduced table of contents help you follow along easier without flipping through 100+ pages of indexes.

Online Open Book Exam

Put your training notes to good use and be sure to use them during your exam. All materials reviewed and delivered to you can be used during the exam. As long as you take the notes that your instructor highlights through out the training you will be prepared for your exam. You can learn more about the FDOT TTC exam by clicking here.

Printed Training Materials

All our TTC trainings come with your training materials printed and mailed to you free of charge. As soon as you register we will mail you a complete training materials packet. Please note that if you register 5 days or less before your training you may not get your training materials in time. However we also provide all materials electronically as well so that you can print them out. You can also chose not to get printed training materials and save $20 on the registration fee.

Premium TTC Wallet Certificates

If you’ve ever had a paper wallet certificate, you know they don’t last very well. You don’t want to get caught without your certificate when an FDOT Inspector comes by your worksite. That is why we developed our TTC Premium Wallet Certificate. This is a plastic card much like your existing debit or credit card. When you register for a training with us you have an option to purchase this card at a %50 discount.

To learn more about myTTConline’s TTC Premium Wallet Certificate, Click Here

Conclusion For FDOT TTC Training Providers

We hope that this article helps you select the right FDOT Provider for your TTC training and certification. If you have any questions on anything you’ve read above reach out to us. Also please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

You can reach us at 407.901.026 or click the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen or email us at support@myttconline.com.

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