7 Big Benefits of Virtual TTC Training

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Virtual TTC training has many benefits to it and in this article we review the top 7. Plus well review the technology that makes it happen to make it easy for you. myTTConline is dedicated to virtual TTC training and has built a professional video studio. This provides our clients an environment needed to learn, take the exam, pass and enjoy it at all the same time.

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Lets dive into into the 7 benefits of virtual live TTC training.

#1 Logistics & Convenience

Virtual TTC Training it is a simple as clicking on a link in your email to join the training. Have multiple people in different locations? No problem, as long as your team can connect to the internet with a device with camera and mic. This drastically reduces the capital needed to train your employees. They no longer need to travel to a location, rent a hotel or pay for other related travel expenses. This reduces downtime for yourself or employees. With multiple classes scheduled every month you don’t have to take your entire workforce out of the field at onetime.

With our Private group training you can schedule a class just for your employees. This is great if you would like our trainers to personalize your training for what you do out in the field. Additionally, this means your class is private and not open to the public. You can learn more about our Private Group training by clicking here.

#2 Virtual TTC Training Safety

With COVID-19, everyone has different levels of concern. With Virtual TTC training you are participating in your environment and avoid being around others in a classroom.

Florida MOT Ultimate Resource Guide

FREE Download
The Ultimate TTC/MOT Resource Guide

#3 Training Materials A head of Your Virtual TTC Training

We’ve had many attendees ask us if we could send materials they could review ahead of time. 3 days prior to training, we’ll email you a list of links to the resource materials we include:

  • The Complete Design Standards
  • The TTC Training PowerPoint with an area to write notes
  • The Standard Plans PowerPoint with an area to write notes
  • A reference sheet with links to FDOT helpful resources

Click here to Find other related resources on our website.

#4 Reduced Pressure

Number 4 on our list is, reduced pressure. Attendees have said that the Virtual TTC Training is less stressful because they are taking it in their environment. Additionally, there is no need to drive to a location your not familiar with. No need to worrying about having to leave early or showing up late because you couldn’t find parking.

Simply login on your computer to take the training removes unnecessary pressure for you or your employees.

#5 Standard Plans Cliff Notes (Exclusive to myTTConline)

Like in school, we provide you Standard Plan Cliff Notes so you can find what you need quickly. With our Virtual TTC training we provide you a condensed table of contents of the Standard Design indexes used for your training and Exam. This helps you avoid flipping through the 100+ pages trying to find what you need to follow along.

#6 One Pay Exam Guarantee (Exclusive to myTTConline)

Don’t worry about having to pay again with myTTConline. Our One Pay Exam Guarantee protects your wallet. If by chance you don’t score a 70% on your exam and qualify for the certificate. All you have to do is contact us and we will get you scheduled into the next upcoming classes for NO additional charge.

#7 Ease of Use

With Virtual TTC Training we’ve created the easiest way to get FDOT TTC trained and certified. All you need to participate in our TTC Virtual Live training is.

  • Internet connected device
  • Webcam
  • Microphone


We know that technology is not a friend to everyone. This is why we’ve invest thousands of dollars to create a Virtual TTC training experience that everyone can use if they know how to get on the internet. Whether your training from a desktop, tablet or even your phone, with one or two clicks you can join our training.

Once you have registered and paid for a training you will be sent an email with a link to join the training on the specified date and time. Simply click this link, type in your name and your in the training room. You’ll be able to see other attendees on your screen along with your instructor. You can ask questions in real time or type them in chat and your instructor will be able to answer them.

We don’t do a death by PowerPoint presentation. With 4 different camera angles we are able to direct your attention to what matters. It could be the Instructor demonstrating a setup of a control zone on our table top with our overhead camera. We also show various videos and slides to mix it up as well. our goal is to make this Virtual TTC training as engaging as possible so that you can take the information and apply to your activates on the road.

Florida MOT Ultimate Resource Guide

FREE Download
The Ultimate TTC/MOT Resource Guide


There are other benefits to Virtual TTC Training and Certification, we feel these are the top 7. Have Questions about Virtual TTC training? Contact us. You can click the Chat button in the lower right of your screen. Call us at 407.901.0206 or email us at support@myttconline.com.

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