MOT INTERMEDIATE vs ADVANCED, What is the difference and what one do I need? In this short article we will answer this question.

Before we compare the MOT Intermediate and the MOT Advanced certificate differences. We need cover an additional certification. This certification is the MOT Basic, commonly referred to as the MOT Flagger Certification.

MOT BASIC Flagger Responsibilities

MOT Flagger Certification is a requirement to preform as a Flagger. Whenever safety of the crew and/or motoring public is in question, a Flagger is required per FDOT. The basics responsibilities of a Flagger include:

  • PROTECTING yourself and your co-workers
  • PROTECTING the traveling public
  • GUIDING traffic efficiently through or around a Construction Site
  • USING your skills and intelligence in all flagging situations

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Now that we’ve covered the MOT Basic Flagger and their responsibilities. We can move forward and review the responsibilities of an individual with the MOT Intermediate Certificate.

MOT Intermediate Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a MOT Intermediate Certificate holder include the following:

  • Supervising the placement or field maintenance of temporary traffic control devices, excluding barriers
  • Inspection of placement or operation function of temporary traffic control devices, excluding barriers.

Currently There are no prerequisites to take the MOT Intermediate Training.

You can learn mor about the TTC Intermediate certification by clicking the MOT Intermediate Certification Process

Lastly, we will cover the responsibilities of the MOT Advanced Certification holder.

MOT Advanced Responsibilities

These responsibilities include the following:

  • The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the temporary Traffic Control Plan.
  • The Worksite Traffic Supervisor in accordance with FDTO Standard Specifications, section 102.
  • Personnel responsible for supervising the placement or field maintenance of temporary traffic control devices, including temporary barriers
  • Personnel responsible for the inspection of placement or operation function of temporary traffic control devices, including temporary barriers

Currently there are not prerequisites to take the MOT Advanced training, However you should be familiar with setting up traffic controls zones.

Additionally, once you hold either the MOT Intermediate or MOT Advanced Certificate, you can train your company Flaggers. If you need assistance with MOT Basic Flagger training materials contact us and we can provide you what you need.

You can learn more about TTC Advanced certification the by clicking the MOT Advanced Certification Process

Barriers vs No Barriers

A simpler way to look at this is to ask yourself if you work with barriers. Barriers can come in the following formats, Type K Temporary Concrete Barrier System, Concrete Barrier (Free-Standing or Anchored), Steel Barrier (Anchored), Water Filled Barrier (Free-Standing).

If you do not work with barriers as described, you are only required to have the MOT Intermediate certification. However, if you are an Engineer, Site Supervisor and work with barriers you will need to have the MOT Advanced Certification. Additionally, if you are not sure if you will be working with barriers, our recommendation would be to obtain the Advanced Certification.

We’ve created the chart below to determine MOT Intermediate vs Advanced

Florida MOT Intermediate vs Advanced


In conclusion it is important that you have the proper certification that meets your responsibilities while working in the roadways to ensure everybody’s safety.

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